Who is Angela Manuel-Davis?

Angela Manuel Davis is an international “fitness evangelist” and motivational coach.  Aa a former member of the USA Track and Field Team, Angela was a five-time All-American who held world rankings in the 100-meter dash. Angela was also an Olympic Trials semi-finalist, a World Championship team member, and a professional runner for Nike. In 2014, Angela appeared on and was a part of the national arena tour. 

Life after her sports career has always revolved around fitness.  In her last few years in sport, she made the leap to SoulCycle, one of the first and most successful boutique spin studios globally. 

  • She was there for over 8 years and forever changed the boutique fitness game. Angela has been coaching and training private clients for over 15 years. And in her downtime, Angela and her husband, Jerome, travel the country giving speed clinics, teaching the fundamentals of running, and leading motivational forums.

  • She is a strong voice in the BLM movement and an extremely vocal ally to all minority groups and most recently, Angela has taken on the title of AARMY Co-Founder & Chief Motivation Officer.  AARMY is a boutique fitness studio with locations in LA and New York, offering an array of different work-outs 

Cult Brand Principle #1: Have Purpose

Angela has always led with her purpose first. Her purpose is to change the world for the better, one drop of sweat at a time. Her personal manifesto is that she will use her voice to help others close the gap between where they are now and where they are called, created, and intended to be. All of her actions are guided by this manifesto. She has stated she looks to inspire, engage and encourage the people she comes in contact with through movement and motivation. In propulsive sessions, from her days with SoulCycle to conferences worldwide, Manuel-Davis pushes the audience to “turn the corner” in their lives. 


Cult Brand Principle #3: Congregate

Through her successes, she has been able to develop her own studio and space for her brand evangelists. Co-founding AARMY with Akin Akman was the next step into this cult-like personal brand status. AARMY is the embodiment of who Angela Davis is. 

It is a place for people to congregate, transform, move-forward, and take the energy created in the studio to the outside world. When the pandemic hit Angela, and her team, pivoted. They created an online platform, hosted Zoom workouts (with literally thousands of attendees), and continued giving her clients a space to congregate. 

Cult Brand Principle #2: Be Remarkable 

Proven in her athletic ability, but that is not the only remarkable thing about Angela. Working her way up the ranks, with thousands of rides under her belt, she soon became one of the most sought after fitness instructors in the world. She has proven repeatedly that she is better than average, or remarkable if you will, at what she does. 

With all 15 of her weekly fitness classes selling out in seconds and selling out arenas of people that come to hear her speak. With her motivational messaging and passion for fitness, Angela has created one of the world’s most in-demand group fitness classes. Training influential cultural forces such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, David Beckham, Usher, Oprah, and Kerry Washington, to name a few. She is a powerhouse as a fitness coach, as well as a motivational speaker. Leading events across the country, she has also been featured on Oprah’s Live the Life You Want Tour and Oprah’s 20/20 Vision Tour.

By taking the gift of today and activating one’s vision, she believes everyone — regardless of who they are — has the ability to embrace their purpose and convert their dream from an invisible desire into a tangible reality. By changing peoples’ ideas of what’s possible, she encourages them to wholly alter their relationship to their bodies and embrace wellness. From there, she believes a person can change not only their own life but the lives of others by taking what they have been given and giving it back to the world through service. No audience leaves one of Angela Manuel-Davis's transformative sessions without feeling profoundly inspired to radically embrace their own purpose. She is a strong voice in the BLM movement and an extremely vocal ally to all minority groups, which is another piece of her driving purpose. 

Cult brands, like Angela Manuel Davis, ensure that all their fans have a way to connect with their brand and reap the benefits of a cult-like adoration because of it.

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